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About us

Once upon a time... in a tiny Silver Lake apartment, it was quarantine. 

I daydreamed about being in far away places, far away from people. More specifically the countryside of France with a garden and fresh flowers on the table, being the type of girl that slept in beautiful lingerie and made coffee in slips and robes. Well, I was in my pajamas all day but it wasn’t wearing delicate lace and silks that I imagined or walking through a garden collecting flowers. Then I thought to myself one day why not? Why not romanticize myself and my life the best way I can. I started drinking coffee out of a teacup… with a saucer! I listened to Italian music while I boiled pasta. I began rearranging my home, purging the items I was tired of looking at, traded my pjs for the slips I usually wore under my dresses and of course tried my hand at the one of the higher levels of quarantine: bread making. I began to joke that I was a housewife with no husband and no house. A housewife to myself. 

I always had an obsession with finding trinkets for my home and constantly rearranging my space ( other Sagittarius’ will understand ) Living in tiny LA apartments quickly taught me the importance of bringing beautiful items into your home, since you’re probably going to be staring at it from your kitchen sink, your bed at night and soaking in the tub. I always tried to bring small indulgences where I could. 

I found that taking your time to collect pieces for your home creates a unique look that is specific to you and style. Hunt down pieces with character that have a story to tell that are equal parts stylish and aged. Slowly piecing together magic. My hope is to bring little pieces of magic and luxury to add to your home through this site. 

The Gentle Witch is for the hopeless romantic, for the sunlit days that get swallowed up by blue skies and that cozy feeling of laying in bed, freshly showered after a day at the beach. She is thoughtful and deliberate with what she brings into her home making sure every item is unique and special to her. She spends her days perfecting and trading home remedies and recipes with her friends. She has a romanticized way of looking at life. She dreams about walking the gardens of Versailles and getting lost in cool museums on hot summer days. 

She has a soft spirit and a delicate nature. She is uniquely her own. She is made of stardust.